Kristina's Studio of Dance
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Studio Guidelines

Mission Statement


Kristina’s Studio of Dance is here to offer people of all ages a well rounded education in dance, in the same non-threatening, friendly environment of Diane’s basement studio.  We strive to give our students all the essential opportunities to succeed in many dance settings, such as, dance conventions, competitions, high school extra curriculor dance programs, college dance programs, and even professionally.


Involvement in the Kristina’s Studio of Dance program will teach students valuable life skills as well.  By participating in our dance classes, students will learn time management, discipline, healthy living, and how to work as a team with their fellow dancers.  At our studio, young students and adults alike have fun by exploring the art of dance.  Our classes are controlled environments led by qualified instructors, where students are able to improve their dance technique, build confidence and self esteem, and develop performance skills under our guidance.


We will continue to provide diverse training, performance experiences, and an educated staff who love teaching students of all ages.

Dance Studio Philosophy

At Kristina's we explore the art of dance and all of its facets with a balanced mix of serious study and fun. Our qualified instructors guide our students through dance technique and develop their performance skills with loving care and attention.

KSD Dance Class Breakdown:

Every dance class will begin with a warm-up.  Warm-ups are imperative because they include movements that strengthen, stretch, and loosen the muscles of the body needed for every style.  These warm-ups are necessary to improve technique and prevent injuries when learning more difficult steps and skills. 

Each class will also include learning progressions traveling across the floor and combinations in the center, which teach students to link together different steps and movements at various tempi.  In each class, students will gain flexibility, coordination, musicality, and memorization skills. 

There will be times in class when students will take turns, watch their classmates dance, and receive individual attention from the teacher.  During these times, students are expected to learn by watching their classmates and listening to the comments of the teacher.  Students do not need to be moving the entire class time to make progress, but they must be paying attention during the entire class time to make progress.

KSD Teaching Philosophy:


The shared goals of the KSD staff are to teach our students strong, healthy dance technique; help each student progress by giving individual attention; build their confidence and self-esteem to perform on stage; and prepare them for many dance settings by presenting different styles of dance technique.  Each teacher at Kristina’s Studio of Dance creates their own syllabus from the education and training they have received. 


Our classes progress like a school system from September to June.  On the second week of June we have a Recital for our students to present to their families and friends the result of a year’s hard work, dedication, and progress.  Our Summer Technique Session and Camps are for students to continue their dance education, learn different techniques, improve their skills, and have fun!

Force Majeure Clause - KSD will not credit canceled studio hours due to forces of nature. Make-up class time will be granted to students.

Class Room Etiquette


Please inform your dancer.


Behavior - Students must be respectful to their teacher and their classmates.  Talking out of turn is unacceptable in a dance setting.  All students are in class to learn about dance; socializing should be done after class.


Water and Bathroom Breaks - With the exception of emergencies, all bathroom breaks should be taken before dance class begins.  Students may bring water bottles into class; however, they must wait for the teacher to say when the time is appropriate for a water break, to maintain the flow and learning of the entire class.


Attendance - Regular attendance and participation in class is necessary for each student to progress to the next level.  Please notify us by phone or in writing if your child will be absent or needs to sit out for any reason.

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